Calling all Weekend Sports Warriors!

Weekend Sports Warriors - LinkedIn Group

Are you a Weekend Sports Warrior? Are you going to become one soon?  Maybe even a multi-Games veteran? Good!

Come and join us at our brand new group, specifically for you guys?

Tell us your first experience of the Corporate Games – which Games and when, which sport even who you were working for at the time!  Also, who was the Patron of the Games at the time? Did you get to meet them?

Part of the drive behind the whole Corporate Games concept, is that of business networking. Using the one of net’s biggest business-based social networking sites, we’re going to try to round up as many former, current and future Athletes and we want you to be a part of that too!

Through our many licensed partners around the world, we’ve hosted Corporate Games since 1988! From the inaugural Games in San Francisco to Japan, London, Auckland, Istanbul, Moscow, Delhi, Sydney, Japan, Melbourne, Barbados, and many, many more! There’s new cities on the horizon too, with Bermuda, Abu Dhabi, Bucharest, Mexico, Cape Town and Manila to name but a few.

So, come on in to the Corporate GamesWeekend Sports Warriors’ Group on LinkedIn and relive some magical moments with others that may have been there too!

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