4 Responses to “Big Brother Star in the World Corporate Cup of Soccer”

  1. Neil Woods says:

    We are looking forward to our first ever corporate games. We are honoured to have the chance to play at Anfield,im sure this will be a weekend to remember, thankyou.

    • Seb C. says:


      It’s our pleasure. Hopefully you guys will have a good time and come and take part in our UK Corporate Games hosted in Preston in July. Look forward to seeing you all in May. You better get training.

      • neil woods says:

        Just had my first fruit for 3 years,,think its called an apple ? :)

        • Seb C. says:

          As we promote health and wellbeing in the work place Neil, I really should be encouraging you to eat more fruit and veg and exercise for at least half an hour a day. I hope you weren’t planning on turning up on May 12th with no practice under your belt. ;)

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