Explained: The Registration Guide

The Registration Guide is the single sheet of A4 document that is produced for each Athlete prior to a Games, and serves many purposes to both the Athlete and the team running the Games.


The obvious thing to gather from the Registration Guide, is that the lower portion is removed and forms the Athlete ID badge for the Games weekend. When a to-be Athlete brings this document to the SuperCentre during Registration, this helps us to ensure that we have the details correct for the bearer of the card. The badge contains a three-letter Athlete ID, which is used to easily find a specific person in the thousands that attend the Games, whether it’s on a schedule, results list, or injury form, we know that we can trace the correct person using this Athlete ID.

First Scheduled Start Time

Approximately two-thirds down the front side of the Registration Guide, is where the First Scheduled Start Time for each Athlete is located, along with the venue name, and pitch if appropriate.  This shows the earliest that an Athlete is expected to participate within the Games, which helps people to plan their travel arrangements prior to the weekend itself.

Games Weekend Information

We place a lot of importance in the Registration Guide and want you to find this document to be worthwhile to the Athletes, too, even after the ID badge is made, as on both sides of the Registration Guide, you’ll find information about the weekend itself, such as maps to the SuperCentre, etc.


The various sponsor logos on the Registration Guide are to help show the gratitude and support for the organisations that sponsor the Games in many different ways, but all of which help to ensure that Corporate Games go ahead and go well too.  Many of the sponsors listed are available throughout the weekend.

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