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One of the first Games for 2016 has been confirmed. From the 11th to the 13th of March Okinawa is set to stage another wonderful Corporate Games. With thousands of entries and an electric atmosphere everyone agreed that the team on the Island performed brilliantly in 2015 holding their first Games and everyone is equally keen to be host of another amazing event.

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Even the Mayor is excited about what the Games can deliver for the Island and for visitors alike.  He proudly commented

“Haisai! I am the Mayor of Chatan-Town, Masaharu Noguni.

With the blessed mild climate many people attended the Okinawa Corporate Games 2015 and enjoyed the networking through sports.

There is an Okinawan proverb,“Ichariba-chode” which means, “Once we meet we are all brothers” and as represented in this word, there are strong horizontal ties in Okinawa which also represents the warmth of Okinawa people.

The hospitality that the Okinawans originally have and holding the event meets the regional characteristics as thought in the concepts of Corporate Games.

I am hoping that many people will gather in Okinawa with the slogan of “Haisai!” and the circle of friends of Corporate Games will spread in the world with the Okinawa Corporate Games 2016.

In Chatan-Town we look forward for all your participation”.


In Okinawa dialect it is a light hearted word. General meaning and is similar to Konnichiwa, Hello, Aloha and Ciao.


Next year the team will be adding new sports which should be really exciting for everybody involved. New on the program is Baseball and Dodgeball, which are both really popular in Japan. Also Pool and Soft Darts will be added, both very uncommon sports for the Games but still great sports in which to compete. Last but not least, there will also be Soft Tennis added. Soft Tennis is a sport that is regularly played across Asia so it should be interesting for the Corporate Games as well.


Just like last year, there is going to be a number of great parties and celebrations again.  The Okinawan people provided an unrivaled welcome for everybody involved and with exemplary sports facilities, friendly competition and a powerful business and tourism community Okinawa is definitely a Games destination that is worth traveling the distance for.


Working closely together with OTS, Okinawa also has arranged great travel deals for everybody who is thinking about joining the Games there. OTS is the largest and most successful and experienced travel agency on the Island.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up and be part of an amazing event. It is going to be superb for participants wherever you are from.

For more information, please contact:

Telephone: +81 98-864-2580

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