2012: Once Every 20 Years….The Games Celebrates the Preston Guild


For those of you who have often wondered, particularly those from outside Lancashire, this should tell you everything you need to know about the history and traditions of Preston Guild – England’s oldest festival in England’s youngest city!

What is Preston Guild? Why is it so special? Why would you be mad to miss it?

Preston Guild is a historic celebration dating back to 1179. It is the only Guild still celebrated in the UK and as such is a unique celebration of our country’s heritage.

The 2012 celebration will be the first Guild in the 21st century and the first since the granting of Preston’s City status in 2002. Held only once every twenty years, the Guild plays an important role in the development of Preston as a thriving and important Lancashire city. The changing times mean that each Guild has its own identity but shares a heritage of over 800 years.

Residents and visitors, artists and businesses, athletes and performers – everyone gets involved in Preston Guild. The Guild has a long history and has evolved over the centuries, but one thing that has always remained the central focus of the Guild is people – the people who plan it, participate in it, promote it and the people who tell their stories of the Guild to children and grandchildren.


Your City, Your Guild – Your Opportunity!

Preston Guild 2012 offers businesses a ‘once in a generation’ opportunity to make their mark on history. In 2012 the Guild will capture the attention of a national and international audience, with Preston inviting everyone ‘all back to ours’ after the Olympics. What better way to showcase talent and business excellence in the North West of England, along with the rich cultural and heritage offer of the region?

Preston City Council is committed to supporting the Guild celebrations, as are many other public sector organisations. We are however also seeking the involvement from other local, regional and national partners to make this great event the success we envisage.

The UK Corporate Games Preston 2012 only adds to what is already shaping up to be a fantastic Guild year.  Visit the Guild Calendar to keep up to date with key events for 2012…and to get the Games in your calendars!

Got some time on your hands?  Why not watch the Preston Guild Video from 1992? 


Visit the Preston Guild 2012 website or to contact:

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