The various CG Facebook Pages

We’re undergoing a series of changes in terms of how we’d like to share information with the public, and we see Facebook as an important step in this process.

We see Facebook as our ‘social outlet’ for the information that we generate during the lifetime of a Corporate Games project, regardless of where that  may be in the world. The ability to have not only photographs and comments, but videos too, mean that Facebook is ideal for our purposes.

We have created, so far, the following Facebook Pages, that represent a different area of our work, some broad and general, but others are focused and specific.

  • The Corporate Games 

    This is the over-arching Page that provides a general view of the Games around the world. This is mostly kept up to date by the staff at the headquarters offices, providing an angle from a global perspective. (website)

  • Abu Dhabi Corporate Games

    A relatively new Games-specific Page for the upcoming (at time of writing this!) Games in Abu Dhabi in December. (website)

  • Istanbul Corporate Games

    This is a Games-specific Page, dedicated to the Corporate Games held in Istanbul, Turkey, each year, and is kept up-to-date by staff on the ground in Istanbul. (website)

  • New Zealand Corporate Games

    Another relatively new Games-specific Page for the Corporate Games being held in Auckland in November 2011.  (website)

  • UK Corporate Games

    Another Games-specific Page, this time one that is dedicated to the Corporate Games held in the United Kingdom, hosted at Loughborough for 2011. This Page is kept up-to-date by staff in the UK offices.  (website)

  • World Corporate Cup of Soccer

    The World Corporate Cup of Soccer Page is Games-specific, focusing on the events of the project. The ‘Cup was held in 2011 in association with Liverpool Football Club, in the United Kingdom, and the Page is maintained by the staff within the UK offices.  (website)

As more Facebook Pages are created and managed by the Corporate Games staff around the world, we’ll post details here on the blog for you to find out more.

Feel free to contribute, comment or simply browse any of the Facebook Pages that are out there.

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