Cape Town Stages a Wonderful Corporate Games 2015!


The Cape Town Corporate Games took place over the weekend with great success. This Games has been staged successfully in South Africa since 2012, and has been growing to become an exciting annual multi-sports festival with thousands of athletes taking part this year to get fit for business!

A host of high profile companies took part this year like: Turkish Airlines, Shell, Grand West, Absa, FlySAA and many more, the weekend saw a healthy competition ranging across 10 dynamic sports, including: action cricket, dragon boat racing, golf, karting, action netball, tenpin bowling, table tennis, trial running, soccer 5’s and mountain biking. With fantastic venues and facilities the Games proved to be another huge success in Cape Town and all of the feedback so far has been extremely positive.

Cape Town Corporate Games 2

Cape Town Corporate GamesAlong with the fun-filled and action packed sporting activities across the weekend, there were also many chances for celebrating in true Games style. The Supercentre Celebration kicked off the weekend perfectly at the Grand West Casino and Entertainment World – the largest entertainment destination of it’s kind in South Africa. The Games also saw a successful Games Celebration and Parade along with the Closing Celebration also taking place at Grand West – the official host venue for the Cape Town Corporate Games.grandwest-exterior-evening_jpg_sunimage_1400_730


The Corporate Games has been growing year upon year now in South Africa and we are proud of the successes being made and excited for the future Games to be held in this fantastic part of the World.


Watch this space for the Official Results booklet which should be released soon.

If you took part in the Cape Town Corporate Games or any other Games from around the world, we would love to hear from you!

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