Games Partner Uncovered: Preston City Council




The UK’s newest City, Preston, is opening its doors to host the 19th UK Corporate Games Preston 2012.

And they’ve picked a fantastic year…2012!

With the Olympics just around the corner, the 800th Guild Year Celebration and the City recently awarded European City of Sport, the city is buzzing and alive with activity – a perfect environment for the Games this July.

Seems like a stroke of good luck?  Well you’d be wrong…


Preston City Council





Preston City Council are Host City Partners for the 19th UK Corporate Games and are responsible for bringing all of these fantastic events together in 2012.

They fought off competition to secure this event in the City for what is arguably the biggest of all celebrations to take place in Lancashire.

The City Council, who are also responsible for Preston’s European City of Sport 2012 recognition, as well as programming the Guild Year celebrations, are very excited about Europe’s largest multisports festival arriving in Preston this July.  And it comes as no surprise that there is a lot in common between Preston and London when it comes to Games preparations, with the capital hosting the Olympics less than one month after the Games.

Preston Guild is already making connections with the Olympics on a number of levels to ensure that we capitalise wherever possible on the opportunities presented by being the host country for this truly global event. The eyes of the world will be on England so it’s a fantastic time to showcase all that Preston and Lancashire have to offer.

Regionally, the Games represents significant benefits for the rest of Lancashire.  The Games will attract thousands of visitors into the city for 4 days of sport, business networking and the opportunity to explore Lancashire to its fullest.

Lancashire has an excellent opportunity to attract international visitors into the UK for the Olympics, but also for everyday athletes from all over the UK to travel north and explore Lancashire heritage, landscapes, people and places – with Preston at the centre of it all!


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