Games ‘Insidr’ Tweets UK Secrets

Ever since I started working at the UK Corporate Games back in 2003, just before the first of two consecutive UK & Ireland Corporate Games to hit Newcastle Gateshead, I noticed how different working for the Games was, simply by talking to friends and family about it.

To me, most people I know have a ‘regular’ job, whether they’re office bound or work on building sites.  When I tell them about what we ‘do’ at the Games and where it has already taken me abroad, they seem to be… mystified with it. I’m guessing it’s the variety of it all, whether we’re setting up for a launch event in the Tate Modern in London, the Royal Armouries in Leeds or more recently, at the top of the Gherkin in London, what we do sounds… great! And that’s aside from actually staging the Games or throwing parties in premier league football clubs!

The @CGUKInsidr
The @CGUKInsidr

To help shine a little light on what we do to the wider public, I’ll be tweeting from the fresh, new, Twitter account of @CGUKInsidr. News, details, facts, fiction and trivia have already started to pour out from the new account.

Tweet-coverage will continue up to and over the UK Corporate Games weekend from the @CGUKInsidr, as well as the official Twitter account for the UK Corporate Games, namely @CorpGamesUK – both of which will be making full use of the #cguk hashtag where appropriate.

So, if you’re on Twitter, check out the pages.  Alternatively, if there’s something that you would like to know, simply tweet the ‘insidr’ and await a speedy and (hopefully) informative response!

Obligatory Disclaimer: Anything that is tweeted from the @CGUKInsidr account are my views and opinions and are not reflective of my employers or the Corporate Games as a whole.

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