Be Prepared for Wet Weather…Get a Gazebo!

British Summertime is upon us so it’s anyone’s guess what the weather will bring across the Games weekend!  Recent flash flooding experienced throughout the UK as a result of torrential rain caused havoc up and down the country – and the forecast continues to be dubious at best.  Sadly, guaranteeing sunshine isn’t within the control of the Games office!  The Royals could not arrange it for the Jubilee and unfortunately we are in the same position despite Preston City Council’s confident reassurances and our relentless positive thinking! Therefore despite crossing our fingers and toes – we will all be at the mercy of the clouds for the Games weekend.

It pays to be prepared for rain, so here are some suggestions to help minimise disruption for you and your team mates.

Wet Weather Tips

1.  Bring a Gazebo

There’s nothing worse than being stuck on the side of the football field between matches in the pouring rain.  Several teams are opting to take wet weather cover in the form of garden Gazebos to shield them from strong sun, or more likely, wet weather.  Found in most local supermarkets and online catalogues, gazebos can be affordable and in good supply, helping to keep kit and food dry as well as your team!  Do consider bringing one along – particularly if participating in an outdoor field sports such as:Muddy Scrum

Soccer 5s
Soccer 6s
Soccer 11s
Dragon Boat
Rugby 7s
Cricket 8s


There is shelter at all of our venues but your own Gazebo will give you some extra (moveable) protection.

2.   Wet Weather Gear

Advise your teams to bring their waterproofs!  Waterproof, breathable jackets, trousers and hats that you can throw on between games to help keep dry.  Dry = Happy.

3.  Wear The Right Fabrics

Right, time to get scientific!  To help keep you dry, or at least comfortable.  Often, clothing made with polypropylene, Dri-Fit, Thinsulate or Gore-Tex fabrics will keep water and sweat away from your skin.  Select clothing containing breathable fabrics to help keep you dry and warm.  Where possible, avoid materials like cotton – once they are wet, they stay wet!  This is especially important where feet are concerned, so consider socks made of wool, merino wool and CoolMax – these can be found in most outdoor stores.

4. Layer Up

Ask any outdoor athlete and they will tell you that layering is the best way to keep warm when competing in cold weather.  It’s important to pay attention to the most important layer – the one closest to your body.  By wearing a base layer to keep water and sweat away from your skin, with a mid-layer over the top and an outer layer to wear between games.

5.  Spare Changes of Clothing & Shoes

Bring an extra pair of trainers, giving you something warm and dry to change into at the end of the day.  Double up on kit – extra tops, trousers and jackets, giving you something dry to change into for the rest of the weekend.

10 Day Weather Forecast

The Weather Channel’s 10-day Weather Forecast gives some clues on the weather as we lead up to the event.

Whatever the weather will be, we are confident our athletes will have a fantastic time and make the best come rain or shine.  Having said that….Games Office will be performing a Sun Dance every day at 9am in an effort to encourage a weekend of warm weather!